The Artist

the-artists-faceSebastian is a man of many talents, however, he decided this time to use his vast intellect to bring us a work of such utter brilliance it will shake the foundations of society to their bare elements, then reorganise them into the visage of a sexy lady wearing not very much. Sebastian could divulge his great talents to solve world hunger, grant world peace or finally present his philosophical thesis on how Heidegger is a fucking prick with the ontological expertise of a honey badger eating a condom, knocking him from his lofty pedestal that he’s held on to for 400 years, yet instead he prefers to lead from the back and impart his wisdom through the brutal destruction of equine beasts. In his spare time he shines his ab muscles with turtle wax, recites the poetic Edda and carves elegant ladies out of tree stumps with a chainsaw. HE ALSO HAS A BIG DICK AND A FAST CAR, AND IS NOT GAY.