• Mr. Sole, the problem with you, is how fucking white you are. If you would quit being such a fucking white faggot, you might get it.

      – The HB3K Team

  1. What the FUCK is this shit? Do you really feel that it’s appropriate to post your pro-Mexico propaganda dressed as a shit Pokemon rip-off with some- admittedly funny- jokes at other game developers expense?
    Do you realise how much Mexico is oppressing us noble Americans by flinging its most downtrodden citizens at us, meaning we have to supply welfare for them and alimony?
    I can’t believe you would do such a thing, especially since we’ve donated so highly to your cause.

  2. As the good Christian that I am, I can only apologise to Jesus for downloading this heathen game. I was almost lead into temptation and only through my piety was I delivered from Satan.

    You may want to review whatever thinking lead you to create this unholy, ungodly and frankly offensive mess.

  3. Fanx HB3K!!!!!1!!!

    I fukking luv this gaem!!! I downloaded it over teh weekend, and showed all my frends at skool it!!! They fink it’s awesum and we cannot beleev that nun ov are teachers hav noticed yet!!!!

    FaNK u so much!!1


  5. Why the FUCK am I in this game? I was enjoying the horse murder until I got to the end and realised that I was the Lord of Horses. I’m not fucking Shadowfax, mate. I don’t have fucking Gandalf on my back, you shit-cunt tub of canon-solvent!

    What do you think gives you the right to do this to me? You will be hearing from not only my solicitor, but his solicitor, because is this is some meta-game fuck-shittery, yes it is.

    See you in court, motherfucker.

    P.S. The game’s pretty good.

  6. I tried to download the press kit, but all I got was A MAN MAKING CHOCOLATE MILK WITH HIS BUTT AND I DIDN’T GET ANY!

    tl;dr If you give me butt chocolate milk, I will give your game a 10/10

    Sim Jerling

  7. I’ve been called a race traitor by the developer of this game, is it possible to receive reparations from him for this?

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