Animal rights and Horse Beater 3000

Since the launch of our game, we received several complaints regarding “animal violence”.  We take these things very seriously, we do not joke with animal rights.

So, why did we make a game about killing animals, when we are DISGUSTED at animal violence, real or fictional …?

Ingrid Newkirk, animal rights and Horse Beater 3000PETA vs Horse Beater 3000

First, you have to understand that in this game all the horses are domesticated, and as everyone knows, it’s perfectly moral and ethical to kill domesticated animals. Ask PETA.

Second, before we launched the game, we made sure PETA knew about this game, we made sure that Ingrid Newkirk would get a chance to review our game. We send a notice about the game months before we made this public. They had a chance to stop us, we were willing to do so, we always wanted to make Ingrid Newkirk proud. We hope we acted within PETA’s standards, if we did not, we’re super duper sorry. We love you Ingrid, please hit us up, homefry;


(Post by Napo)